ASB Cabinet

ASB Members for 2014-2015


Gopal Vashishtha

Vice President

Spencer Ma

Student Representative

Sarah Verdegan

Spirit and Rally Commissioner

Noah Obstfeld

Clubs Comissioner

Kristina Shia

Boys' Sports Commissioner

Timothy Kwan

Girls' Sports Comissioner

Caroline Werth

Students Activites Coordinator

Aidan Galassetti


Shannon Choi


Albert Tung and Jennifer Kodia

Technology Commissioner

Alexander Chang

Service Projects Commissioners

Margaret Bilder and Biyonka Liang

Staff Liaisons

Kuki Tran and Arni Daroy

Speaker Series Chairs

Andyshea Afyouni and Koan Zhang


Holly McRuer and Yauss Agahi

Career and Academics Commissioners

Al Chang and Sharika Hegde

Intercultural Liaison

Becca Kim, Pascal Boctor, and Mehar Nangia

Fine Arts Liaisons

Niusha Maleki, Joanna Small, Vivian Lu

Audio Commissioners

Shadi Roueenfar and Sheila Sharifi

Senior Class President

Mohammad Ashary

Junior Class President

Shiva Verma

Sophomore Class President

Victoria Pham

Sophomore Class Vice Presidents

Sara Way and Andrew Nguyen

Junior Class Vice Presidents

Melissa Lee and Erik Mumm

Senior Class Vice Presidents

John Chung, Bruce Miranda and Tamara Lin

DHH Representatives

Austin Altman and Jovaneh Gutierrez

SMOW Nominations

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